SEPTEMBER 9-28, MONDAY-SATURDAY 10:30am - 5:30!
(online store is now closed)
Dearest friends and customers,
Some good and bad news: after 13 wonderful years building the Americo brand, I have decided to close the business later this year. I'm turning 65 in March and while my plan was never to retire "on schedule," life often has its own plans for us, doesn't it? A health scare in the family (which is all fine now!) has shifted my priorities a bit and made me count my blessings for the time I still have to spend with my loved ones.
To all of our wonderful customers who have become friends - thank you for everything over the years. To the amazing Americo team - there's no way I could have done it without you: from opening the store, to building our online and social media presence, to the countless hours spent curating a unique collection of yarns and patterns. After 46 years in business, I might be ready to say goodbye to retail, but I will never be ready to say goodbye to knitting!
Thank you to everyone for your support and friendship. I will miss you, but hope to reconnect through our love of knitting. Who knows, maybe I’ll continue to design after taking a little break, but for now we will be clearing out our inventory online as we wrap things up in the next couple of months.
The good news:
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